Hayden Grove Senior Living offers elegant restaurant-style dining, as well as more casual bistro style offerings for residents or families on-the-go. We understand the importance of providing our residents with the healthiest food choices possible, and that delicious, high-quality meals can provide our residents comfort, improve their mood, and help reduce stress and anxiety in their lives. Our chefs prepare a wide variety of fresh and delicious, well-balanced, meals 7 days a week.

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Hayden Grove Senior Living


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As both a culinary and social event, dining is an integral part of daily life at Hayden Grove Senior Living. The Hayden Grove Dining Program chefs and staff create memorable dining experiences that make each moment spent with us feel great. There is an exciting variety of options to appeal to the unique tastes and preferences at Hayden Grove Senior Living. Whether it’s a meal with new friends, a special event with family, or simply a time to reflect and relax, our dining service team is happy to accommodate your requests and needs.

Our approach to food and dining focuses on culinary integrity, health & wellness, and hospitality.

  • Culinary integrity: We have a commitment to crafting food authentically, responsibly, and creatively.
    • From scratch: Our in-house chefs and culinary team members freshly prepare your daily meals.
    • Responsibly sourced: We utilize suppliers who value eco-friendly practices, animal welfare, and human rights.
    • Environmentally conscious: We are committed to operating procedures that reduce waste and our impact on the planet.
    • Seasonal and Local: Our menus reflect the seasons and highlight the best produce and products available in the area.
    • Healthful Offerings: Healthy options are featured abundantly throughout our menus, helping residents accommodate their needs and achieve their wellness goals.


Delicious food at Hayden Grove Senior Living, MN
  • Hospitality: We actively foster an environment where our motto, “We are Exceptional People providing Exceptional Service to Exceptional Customers,” comes to life in a genuine and warm way. Team members receive comprehensive hospitality training that inspires authentic, timely, responsive, friendly, and satisfying connections. The result? Unique and memorable experiences that make a difference.
Delicious food at Hayden Grove Senior Living, MN

Our Special Services, Events, and Programs

  • Monthly nutrition education seminars with our onsite Registered Dietitian
  • Quarterly wine pairing dinners
  • Meal delivery available
  • Chef-led cooking demonstrations
  • Tableside cooking
  • Meet and greet with local farmers and vendors
  • Guest chef events
  • Themed events
  • Anniversary and birthday celebrations
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Social events and festivities​


Delicious food at Hayden Grove Senior Living, MN
  • Health & Wellness: It’s all about finding the balance, without sacrificing taste or sophistication. Our team of Registered Dietitians work directly with our chefs to ensure our recipes and menus address areas of concern and accommodate dietary preferences and restrictions, including:
    • Gluten-free diets
    • Diabetic diets
    • Fortified diets
    • Mechanical soft diets and dysphagia
    • Dignified dining programs to support dementia and Alzheimer’s care
    • Reduced fat and cholesterol, low-calorie, high fiber, low-sodium, and high protein options


Delicious food at Hayden Grove Senior Living, MN

Our Culinary Programs

  • OHSOGOOD: Our proprietary brand for healthy dining, these kitchen-tested recipes are built on a commitment to quality ingredients, smart portion control, and nutrient-rich foods that make it easier to achieve your wellness goals.
  • FreshBites: Designed to support memory care and increase nutritional intake, these nutritionally dense bite-sized portions are consumed easily without utensils, helping to improve quality of life and cognitive function.
  • Fresh Benefits: To promote physical health and offset unintentional weight loss, we developed tasty and visually appealing super smoothies, enriched snacks, and fortified foods to replace the use of commercial supplements.
  • MemoryFare: For residents with cognitive decline, we developed a “memory-supportive” menu tailored for brain health to provide residents with a dignified dining experience, promote increased intake, and reduce unintentional weight loss.
  • Puree with Purpose: To provide residents with dysphagia with the same flavors, aromas, and presentation as their peers, we extensively train our team members to handcraft and mold delicious and appealing pureed foods.
  • Hydrate for Health: Tasty and refreshing, these fruit and herb infused waters are made fresh daily with fruit and herbs.


Delicious food at Hayden Grove Senior Living, MN